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Emma & Cynthia

As a parent, it is a big relief when your kids do well academically. To anyone who's thinking of joining League of Learners, I would strongly recommend them to join because they have a team of dedicated tutors. You can trust them with all your heart!

Emma scored A for her PSLE Science, achieving an aggregate score of 253!

Kai Li & Mum

League of Learners has a group of very dedicated teachers. The tutors in general have very high standards. They are able to maintain students’ interests and have maintained quite good standards throughout the years.

Kai Li did better than she had expected in the PSLE after lessons with us. She scored an aggregate score of 245!

Woo Mun Yee

When I got my results (6 points, top of NA cohort), I was actually quite happy that I could do a course that I really want.

The methods Mr Junyi used were quite different from what my teacher used and he also gave me questions that I have never seen before. Mr Tan drilled me O Level papers and when I did the N Level papers, they were quite easy.

Thank you Mr Junyi and Mr Tan for coaching me so I could score very well for my E Maths, A Maths and Science.

Mun Yee scored an impressive 6 points at her N Level. She topped her NA cohort with five A1s and one A2.

Ong Yi Qian

我是很开心因为她考得预期中更好。她课外的问题我们都会问 Mr Tan, 他都很用心地回答我们,不像其他的补习班,上完课回家就很难问到老师了。老师也是很少会这么用心回答你其他的功课。

假如其他的朋友或者是家长有孩子要补习的话我会很乐意地推荐。谢谢 Mr Tan 帮助了我的孩子不少。

(I'm very happy as my daughter scored better than my expectations. Mr Tan would always answer our queries in a very detailed manner unlike other tuition centres where it is very difficult to get a hold of the tutor after lessons. I would very gladly recommend League of Learners to any parent sending their children for tuition. Thank you Mr Tan for helping my child a great deal.)

Yi Qian wasn’t performing consistently in English. After lessons with us, she scored an A for her PSLE English.

Chiam Kai Yuan

Within half a year to a year, Kai Yuan is getting close to A. All the subjects he has lessons for got great improvement. From the way Kai Yuan starts to like Math and keeps coming back to lessons, it really shows that the teachers are good.

Really thank you very much and I really, really appreciate and thank you that I actually came across League of Learners. Thank you very much.

Kai Yuan was barely passing his school examinations before he joined us. He has improved greatly since then, even receiving an Edusave Good Progress Award reserved for the top 10% in his level for academic improvement.

Yeap Jia Hui

After joining League of Learners, my results went from a B4 to A2 for E Maths, F9 to A2 for A Maths, and B3 to A2 for Science.

In the end I got 10 points and I'm eligible for PFP. My parents were happy about the results that I got and they were also quite thankful for my tutor. I'm thankful for what Mr Junyi did and I would recommend League of Learners for my juniors and friends who are having trouble or difficulties in their academic studies.

Jia Hui got 10 points for his N Level examinations and is eligible for Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP).

Chloe Lu

I scored full marks for my recent examination, and my mum was very proud of my achievement. She was very glad that she had asked me to join League of Learners.

Thank you Mr Tan for helping me improve on my weaknesses and teaching me. Thank you very much for your kindness.

Chloe topped her cohort and got a perfect 100% for her year-end examination. She also qualified for Gifted Education Programme (GEP).

Grace Yau

Very thankful to my tutors (Junyi + Mrs Wee + Kian Wei) for enlightening me in Math and Science. Most importantly, thank you thank you so much for being extremely patient with me - teaching difficult concepts and making it easier so that I can understand them easily and ace them in O Levels.

I had a hard time but thankfully I managed to get into a course I wanted. Thank you Cher! 😁

Grace improved from barely passing her school exams to achieving A2 and B3 for Science and Mathematics respectively for her O-Level

Mr. Chin & Ian

My son Ian Chin, scored only 62 in Math. We were very worried for him as there was not much time left to PSLE. Then, we got a recommendation from his Math teacher to Tutor Junyi. Ian’s confidence rose within months and had more motivation to do better in Math. With Junyi’s dedication and passion, Ian worked very hard and scored A for his PSLE Mathematics this year! Thank you Junyi for having confidence in him 😀

Ian achieved A for his Math in PSLE 2016.

Jessica Lee & Bryan

My most heartfelt appreciation to Teacher Junyi for helping my son improve from ungraded in science and maths in sec 3 to making the cut for Sec 5. Teacher Junyi is a no nonsense tutor who will keep parents updated regularly on the child's progress and he is serious about the discipline of his wards. Keep up your good job Teacher Junyi and once again Thank You. Regards, Jessica Lee

Bryan was failing his Science and Mathematics subjects in Secondary 3 and 4. He managed to achieve B3 for both subjects for his N-Level.

Mrs. Zay & Breden

Hi Mr. Tan, he got Good Progress Award. This is your effort. If you are not his tutor, he cannot get this award. Thank you very much. I will write on your League of Learners page.

Brenden improved significantly in his subjects and got his Good Progress Award

Mrs. Teo & Jerel

Ms Yeo, Jerel's achievement with your kind patience and help.

Jerel improved significantly in Mathematics and got his Certificate of Achievement

Chloe Lim

This tuition helped me a lot. It improved my maths and it’s very efficient.

Chloe improved from C6 to A2 for Mathematics in her Secondary 3 end-of-year examinations

Lim Tiancun

Fun place. Learning mathematics and science here. Got top 5 in my level for maths and top few in my class for science!

Tiancun placed in the top 4.7th percentile of his level for Mathematics in his Secondary 1 year

Valerie Chua

Thank you Mrs Wee for being so patient with me! You’ve really helped me a lot, a lot with Chem! When we had our first lesson, you told me it was possible that by O Levels I would have improved and even begin to like Chem – I didn’t believe you then, but now I know it’s true!!

I miraculously enjoy Chem now haha. You brought me from an F9 to A1! Thank you for everything :)

Valerie improved from F9 to achieving A1 for her O-Level Chemistry.

Kayler Chong

My tutor has really helped me develop the right methods and techniques for answering questions instead of just trying to memorise. Over time I managed to hone my skills and abilities at my own pace. I became a lot more confident when I took my O Levels and I’m really happy with my results! Wouldn’t have done it without help from my tutor! :D

Kayler improved from F9 to achieving A2 for her O-Level Mathematics.

Chen Jia Jia

I was failing my Maths and Science until I started tuition with League of Learners. In a few months, I started seeing my first A’s and B’s for my tests and exams.

I really like my lessons here and enjoy working towards improving my results!

Jia Jia improved from F9 to achieving A2 for her Mathematics (Secondary 2 end-of-year examinations).

Lin Tianyu

I got the highest in my class! 47/50 for Paper 1 and 45/50 for Paper 2 🙏

Tianyu achieved 92% for his end-of-year Maths examinations and managed to opt for Additional Mathematics

Tan J Hao

Mrs. Wee is indeed a true teacher at heart. She is innately passionate about teaching, and this is clearly inherent in her enthusiasm in getting concepts across to her students as clearly as possible. Her bubbly personality is contagious and it really gets her students excited to learn about Chemistry, not for the grades, but more because they truly love the subject.

Above all, she is a teacher who truly cares about the welfare of her students and her genuineness is exactly the reason why her students do so well under her guidance.

J Hao improved from D7 to achieving A1 for his O-Level Chemistry.

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