26th to 29th
November 2019
9AM - 6PM

431 Clementi Ave 3 #01-358
Singapore 120431

Calling All Young Scientists!

The Science Experience™ is a fun-filled holiday camp for students to learn more about Science outside of their classrooms. Experience bizarre and exciting experiments to witness scientific principles in action!

The camp is suitable for children ages 8 to 12 and the activities are designed to engage their interest in the world of Science.

Be a Scientist!
Be a Scientist!

Be a Physicist, Chemist AND Biologist… Get ready your lab coat!

Learn Better!
Learn Better

Experiments and activities are designed to complement understanding of academic topics taught in school.

Explore Science!
Explore Science

Campers will explore various scientific concepts to get them interested in the wonderful world of Science!

Absolutely Fun

Enjoyment is guaranteed — it’s the holidays after all!

Activity Overview

Campers are given an introduction to basic scientific concepts. The activities are designed to interest them in Science and develop an appreciation for the scientific endeavour.

They will experience scientific concepts they have learnt in school to enhance their understanding of their PSLE topics.

Day 1
Science Magic Show
Hands-on Experiment
Science Around Us
Master of Chemicals
Day 2
Field Trip
Invention Competition
Day 3
Science Around Us
Hands-on Experiment
Dissecting the World
Invention Competition
Day 4
Field Trip
Prize & Awards

Activity Highlights

Hear from our Campers!

Take a Peek!

Take a look at our Campers in action at our past camps! You can drag the photos to see more.

December 2016 Camp

What are we learning today?
Dissecting a frog
Anatomy of a dragonfly
Meet Solid the praying mantis!
Explaining your invention
Field trip!
See you next time!

June 2018 Camp

Raise your hands if you know the answer!
Hands on experiment
Dissection: What's in a heart?
Explaining your invention
Did it work? Did our egg surive?
Field trip!
Scavenger hunt!
Searching for clues
See you next time!


Camp fees include goodie bag, materials, entry/transportation fees for field trip and meals (lunch and tea are provided).

Individual Camper

$268 each
Early Bird: $198 each

Refer a Friend

Each Camper receives
$30 Discount!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location?

The camp is held in 431 Clementi Ave 3 #01-358 (Singapore 120431) Activities will take place within air-conditioned classrooms and at outdoor areas within the vicinity.

For the field trip, there will be chartered buses to ferry Campers to and fro the field trip location.

Who are the Camp Leaders?

The Camp Leaders are trained individuals of teaching backgrounds and have experience with interacting with school children.

Can I opt my child out of the dissection activity?

The dissection would be done by a Camp Leader and campers are only required to observe. We have special arrangements for any Camper who is uncomfortable with the activity.

Do Campers stay overnight?

Campers do not stay overnight as this is a 9AM to 6PM day camp.

If you are dropping off your child early or picking them up late, let us know so that arrangements can be made for your child to be accompanied. There will be a staff member present from 8.30AM onwards.

Are meals provided?

Yes! Lunch and tea are provided for the children. Inform us of any special dietary requirements upon registration.

Do you offer other camps or courses?

We offer academic coaching for academic subjects at League of Learners. We are also in the midst of coming up with fun, innovative and enriching activities that develop children into well-rounded individuals. Stay tuned!


Call or WhatsApp us at our hotline 9826 2732 between 10AM to 6.30PM on weekdays. Alternatively, fill out this form.

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