What is The Science Experience™ Camp?

17 September, 2019

Learners who have been with us for some time would know of The Science Experience™ Camp.

For the uninitiated, what exactly is TSE?

While teaching our Learners the principles of Science, our teachers  realised that it is difficult to appreciate scientific concepts inside a typical classroom. It is much easier to understand something when we experience something in person, and that’s exactly what TSE is for.

Campers get to conduct experiments, try hands-on projects, and compete with each other for bragging rights and prizes. In the process, they get to practise things they have learnt in the classroom for a much greater understanding of the topics.

Rather than just learning about the heart in textbooks, why not see one being dissected in person? Also, see (and feel!) how our digestion system works through a hands-on demonstration of how food is broken down in our bodies. These are just a few of the many interactive experiments and projects we have in store for our Campers, and they are all designed in line with the PSLE Science syllabus.

Of course, Campers can also look forward to 4 days of fun instead of spending their holidays at home playing video games.

Learn more by visiting our microsite. Interested? Book early to enjoy a discounted early-bird price! Click here to secure your slot.

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