At League of Learners, our unique pedagogy improves our Learners’ academic results while equipping them with skills outside of the classroom. This develops them into well-rounded individuals poised for success.

Academic coaching goes beyond traditional tuition and develops our Learners into effective individuals. Our Learners are mentored to excel in their schoolwork as well as to form good habits that allow them to succeed in their academic work and future careers.

Experienced and effective tutors
Small class sizes for maximum attention
Comprehensive learning materials provided
Enrichment programmes to enhance learning


League of Learners addresses underlying issues for effective learning. Our courses are tailored based on each Learner’s unique learning style for maximum results. Motivational techniques are applied to ensure that our Learners are always goal-oriented and driven in their tasks.

In line with the Ministry’s pedagogy of a heuristic learning approach, Learners are trained in problem-solving and exposed to practical methods of learning and discovery. Higher cognitive abilities improve our Learners’ decision-making process and enhance their problem-solving skills.

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